Job Description For New Project Manager Released

If you are lucky, you have worked under a manager who is very good at supporting his or her juniors. However, but simply knowing such a manager does not mean you already know how you can become one. Besides, moving from a junior employee to the upper cadre of management, where you are in charge of more people, has more to do than just a title change. It needs a basic shift in your mindset and much more advanced strategies in your work.

Persistent and an open minded

Through experience, you will realize that the duty of managing various aspects of the creative agency is not a simple task. Being a creative manager call for efforts in the company?s advertising drives and you have to be very persistent and an open minded person. In case, you find that your new role is challenging, here are tips that can help you to understand the  Follow them and you will become an extraordinary manager.

Embrace the new role

You should take your new assignment with passion and accept the fundamental shift in various things such as relationships with the people you have around. Remember that just like being a parent; a manager’s position has got more to do with others than just yourself.

Becoming a  manager is a fundamental shift in the relationship that you have with the individuals around you. Similar to the transition to becoming a parent, becoming a manager puts you in a position where it?s no longer just about you according to David Smith, the Headhunter.

Acknowledge the Management Time

Since you will be responsible for others, most of your time at work will involve management. In case you are in charge over two to four individuals, your management time will be about ten percent. But this time will increase with an increase in your advertising team. What if your team grew up to ten members? You are supposed to spend almost fifty percent of your precious working time on management. You will realize that at your new level, you biggest task will be directing others (team members) rather than doing the creative work by yourself.

The role of managing other people isn?t wastage of time! It is a big force multiplier, particularly for your company according to The moment you acknowledge this fact and play your role intentionally, you shall experience lower frustration and get better results in your department.

Have a project load re-evaluation

When you hire people who can relieve you of some of your noncreative work, say an assistant, you will definitely be in a better position to take care of your entire creative project work. You will have their back especially when your creative project requires more time than you thought.